In our everyday lives achievement, endurance, permanent activity competition and active control play too big a part.
An achievement society  prefers left-brained people.

In a lifeshifting session the activity of the left hemisphere recedes; and the result is a balance between thinking and feeling, between the left and right hemisphere of your brain.
Lying on the massage bed and having your electro-magnetic field calibrated you can let go your mental and emotional stress.

The priority in life – to function perfectly – gives way to a joyful flow and all so gently takes you to energetic balance, order and a synchronisation of your hemispheres.

This state of „I am – here and now“ implies confidence and gives you the energetic stability that you need to find a new frequency signature and a new emotional meaning in all your problems – in health problems, emotional, mental, interpersonal and financial issues.

Your new stability and achievement potential does no longer have its source in forceful willpower but in your flowing and knowing state of mind.



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