Lifeshifting is back action between inner and outer order

It is a permanent interaction between the inner (implicit) and outer (explicit) order.
We are familiar with the outer order and we know it well since it shows itself in wordly circumstances; in contrast we have no real access to the implicit order; we hardly sense its primary significance.

In the era of a prevailing dominance of the left hemisphere we were in a state of entropy, and, our minds being narrowed, separated from everything that could not be perceived with our five senses.

We stared at the effects and thought them to be the causes. We thought the four dimensional circumstances were the origin of the disturbed  relationships,  with oursselves, our fellow humans andwith the universe itself.

We did not know the primary preconditions for our lives here and now. The virtual, invisible primary patterns were beyond the collectively, scientifically acknowledged reality of the visible world of the space-time-continuum.

The invisible, undiscovered script designs our lives on the every day stage, and we  felt like victims of an imperturbable fate.

The script for our lives has no pages made of paper, which we could correct with a pen.
But still, a set-up is possible.

Lifeshifting uses the permanent back-action between the invisible draft and the observable scenes to set up the script anew, so that hidden potentials and talents can be activated, so that we can get out of the infinite loop of old traumas, fears, and pains, and escape our addictions and beloved dependencies.

Only then every present  moment is what it ought to be:

The moment of Power,

freed from the shadows of the past.

Don´t hold on to something that´s changing fast !!!!



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