Lifeshifting is repairing photons

As we have been born into a world of  polarity environmental impacts, humans, situations, geomantic influences affect us like frequency choppers. If we remove ourselves from the sphere of external sources of irritation our photon-repair-system works.

A cell that has been disturbed or damaged  is restored, that is to say it gets back the information about how to work.

It may happen that the emission of our  photons is permanently blocked, so that the disorder in the system increases.
The cause of the blockage is consistently confirmed, and therefore operates the same frequency, the same emotions over and over again. The entropic state is worsening.

The aim of lifeshifting is to interrupt this infinite loop of repeating non-creative conditionings.

If we succeed in giving fresh impetus to the photon emission, entropy reverses.
And the result is syntropy.

Through this process order returns into our system = self-healing.


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