Lifeshifting leads to self-management

It´s you who knows the best solution !

You are the only one, holding the power to balance yourself !

The goal of lifeshifting is to inspire you to get independent, to be less and less dependent  on other people, on circumstances, and support.

Your unconsious self (cellular memory) knows an answer to everything. Your censoring ego frequently obstructs your access to your cellular memory.

The conscious and self-directed exposure to your flow of energy and information will lead you out of the infinite loop, away from emotional,social and health problems as well as job and financial issues.

You are the one to get yourself into balance, to re-organise and heal yourselfon all levels.
That is how you reverse entropy and get into a  syntropic state of self-organisation.

Imagine the freedom brought about by the capability of being in balance, more and more often, and more and more permanently. All you need is your consciousness, your heart, your body and your ability to relate others.

This balance, self-made, is the origin of a peaceful, tolerant, and loving co-existence.

And it enables you to think: “Everybody may and should be different from me.“

Getting independent from external sources of irritation (circumstances, other humans, geomantic disorders...) gives us self-confidence and the courage to meet challenges.



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