Anti - Aging


Lifeshifting is a profound method to influence the way we age.

As long as anything can offend, annoy, stress, scare or irritate us we face the potential danger that the flow of energy and information might get blocked.
The cells are not sufficiently informed and energised.
The disorder increases and the system runs out of energy (state of entropy)

It is left to chance if and when we encounter an impulse that blocks the system and puts us in a state of entropy, which always separate us from our full potential.

Entropy makes a human

    take more energy from his surroundings (horizontal flow of energy),
    from other humans, animals, stones, places...


    It leads to a lack of energy and information in our physical, emotional,
    mental and/or spiritual bodies.


The consequences and effects are different. It depends on everybody´s individual script (matrix) how we react in this state of entropy: whether we age prematurely, or get sick, burn out, feel forsaken or if we over-react, or the opposite.

Lifeshifting helps you to write a script that makes you happier and more beautiful.
You are worth it.



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