Holiday check


A holiday mostly follows a stressful phase.
There is such a lot to organise!
Hopefully looking forward to your vacation you get catapulted into permanent stress.

This inner imbalance is always  mirrored in our relationships and every day events.
That is why it all too often starts with break-downs and arguments.
Inner blocks find their echoes on the outside. Now that you are on holiday you do not have the tried and tested friction surface like collegues, neighbours, relatives offer….

Luggage lost, bad hotel, destination not as grand as expected? You blame it on your partner.

The holiday paradise you expected, a lot of time to spend together in peace and harmony? It turns out to be hell on earth.

A holiday that was meant to make up for an over-demanding everyday life – it often does not work. Humans saying no to the present moment the whole year long unlearn to live in the present. They permanently live in the traumas of their past expecting a future that does not exist. They separate themselves from their access to information and energetic potential,
which only exist at the moment.
So the moment cannot unfold its potential.

Mistakenly, we want other people, in this case our partner, or outer circumstances to meet our demands and fulfill our wishes.

Thinking this way we allow everything and everybody to make our life and our holiday a misery.

With these rigid and demanding expectations we stress out our partner and ban ourselves from all the potential pleasures ranging beyond our narrow expectations.

The desired 24 hours of togetherness a day most frequently do not bring love and harmony
but  rows and arguments.

During the holidays the norms and standards of everyday and professional life
are not applicable.
For our working life we have acquired social skills like conflict management to survive.
We have learned to solve problems without resisting engergetically.

In our holidays we are on an emotional and relational test  bed.
Having not practised physical nearness the rest of the year and the attention we require and demand  work like a blasting composition. The lack of relational know-how leaves us afflicted by doubts about our relationship.

A holiday is not only a touchstone for your love but also, and above all,
for your ability to have a relationship.

During a holiday, our own imperfectness has got 24 hours a day to get mirrored in our partner.

In this emotional chaos, before  giving up your relationship, although knowing well that you really love your partner, find out what this misery has got to do with your very own personal script. Which of your expectations and individual truths have found their echoes
in your partner?

That you got into that misery has got a lot to do with you yourself. Have a close look at it and you will not have to replay this game next year. Maybe you will not need a new partner for the holiday of your dreams.

Lifeshifting with its mental and energetic capacity can help you write a new holiday script.



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