Burn-out – No, thanks


The battery of your electric torch is empty? – Go buy a new one or recharge it.

Your car has run out of gas? – Gas it up.

That is exactly the way many people treat their energetic system.
When they are exhausted they have their bodies massaged, meet friends to recharge their system in their presence or use their family as a fountain of youth.
They wander from one place of power to the next and take to stimulants.
This is like alternating between having a full tank and an empty tank.
The question is how often will they manage to reach a filling-station just in time. In this permanent state of being dependent on external sources of energy,
when will they have to face their burn-out

It is high time for everybody to learn what yogis and other exceptional humans have been able to to for a long time: to establish a creative connection to their own enegetic potential and to their midmost sources of energy and to maintain it.

Our source of energy is in the vacuum.

What is our idea of  total emptiness is nothingness only in the material meaning of the word.
It is, however, a plenum full of potential and information. There is a permanent interaction between what we call matter and the vacuum, the substance-less sea of energy.
And what is more, we are living amidst this enormous reservoir of energy.
This substance-less energetic potential does not lie somewhere far far away in the universe but it exists among our particles. The energetic potential penetrates the whole animate and inanimate nature.

It is time to activate this source of energy and information within ourselves.



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