Infancy traumas


Our individual script is the invisible pattern of what we are at present.

Dreadful childhood memories are getting more and more topical
for most people when they grow old.

Those traumatic experiences are projected onto everyday life over many years. Every time when we are reminded of our childhood, our violability, lack of comfort and security, injustice and provisory love at that time, we feel the same or even worse than when we experienced all that. This is how we confirm our pain and our subjection. Our script became more and more real while the painful experiences disappeared over the years.

The script of our life is virtual though, in a realm
where there is wether time nor space as we know them.

Only the meanining that something has in our present life,
only our affinity and our resonance play a role here.

And it is good to understand why we are not able to simply understand and to generously forgive although „it all happened so long ago“.

For our subconscious, our cellular memory experiences made long long ago have become more real with every repetition, in the course of a lifetime.

Like a filter, this limits our connection (coherence) with the rest of the universe.
By this our access to our energetic potential and our information is reduced.

A reduced flow of energy and information unbalances us psychically,
mentally, emotionally, socially and physically.

All the old stories that provoke inhibition disturb your potential.



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