Put an end to bullying !!!

Bullied people feel victimised.

Bullying is not symply a single and isolated incidence, that can be put away easily.

It is a systematic and continual way of treating people, that can happen anywhere and to practically anybody.

It can manifest itself verbally (abuse, offence..) non-verbally (ostracism, keeping back important information…) or physically (injuries, bashing…).

Above all it is an energetic disorder that can heavily affect your physical,
emotional, social, and mental health.

An invisible, virtual and yet very real script reading your opinion about interpersonal relationships and both your traumatic and beautiful experiences with them forms the basis of these visible and observable disorders.

This inner structure is the origin of what is going on on the level of communication.

In a certain way you might be grateful to anyone who bullies you:

    - He shows you a disturbance source you are aware of
    or a still more subtle one that ought to be changed.
    - He leads you directly to a program worth changing.
    - He mirrors your lack of self-esteem and your violability.


As long as you have this invisible matrix there will always be a bully to replace
the one you have just shaken off.
To permanently run away from people that disturb you will leave you lonesome
and will encourage your self-doubt.

If you suffer from mobbing, stalking or bullying you must shift your past relational traumas
and your acquired non-creative conceptions of relationships.



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