Why Lifeshifting?

Subconcious, invisible but still very real patterns create and influence our decisions and the way we live.

This pattern (matrix, stencil) is not tangible, nor is it visible.
Yet it projects itself in its special emotional signature, its special frequency as a formative agent onto every moment of our everyday lives.

Between this real and sensible occurrence and the underlying pattern behind it there is a direct connection, the back-action.
Every single moment of your life you can reshape your „script".

Every human is unique, has his/her personal underlying pattern and his/her own personal way of solving his/her problems.

We do not need to find ourselves, because  we are the permant projection of our very own stencil.

What we have to do is to set up our matrix so that its projection feels good, which will get us closer to our life-task.

Lifeshifting  assumes that – at any point in time – we experience the right thing with the right human at the right place to carry on our evolution.

„Right“, however, does not necessarily mean that our ego welcomes the things to come.

Shift your life to combine the pleasant with the „right“ things.

Every present moment is perfect !!!

You don´t like it ?

Just change your pattern (matrix, stencil), creating your reality !!!

How ? With lifeshifting !!!

The shadows of the past will affect the present until they are transformed.

The reality you  encounter  is the one that suits your wavelength.


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