What is lifeshifting?

I have developed lifeshifting as a new method of establishing an interpersonal, physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual order in ourselves and our lives, by meansof communication with our information field and our energetic potential.
Through bodywork inspired by Hawaiian techniques your energetic ballance is being established.

Your electro-magnetic being in balance each and every part of you knows how to work best.

Each of your problems whether it concerns personal or social relationships, health, your job or finances, whether it is mental, physical or emotional, has a certain energetic signature.

In a lifeshifting session you can deal with your very personal stagnant „problems“ in a well-balanced state of your system. You interlink a present flowing state with the issues that blocked you in the past. Thus their frequency and as a consequence also their meaning changes. Your conciousness and your body learn to handle stressful situations and suppressed problems staying relaxed.

That´s lifeshifting.

Enjoy the two components of a lifeshifting session, which, exactly in this combination, are so efficient and transforming:

Mental work together with energy therapy synchronises both your hemisperes and helps you free yourself from the shadows of the past and enjoy your present.

Only the present gives you access to your full potential.

Lifeshifting means to change your life through the interaction of implicit (inner) and explicit (outer) order. The invisible pattern is always in back action with the perceptible shape All virtual patterns go through the matter of the space-time-continuum in order to get confirmed on the stage of every day life or to bring about a set-up of the pattern through changed reactions.
Dissonances and inconsistencies of the past are repeatedly projected onto the present.

Be ready to have a look at the pending problems.

Until all the shadows of the past (low frequences) are shifted it may be necessary to leave the zone of comfort.

The more we broaden our consciousness the more our frequency rises, and the more all entropic states are activated.

Pending issues are obstacles, they prevent us from flying.
Unfinished problems hinder our  conciousness to become congruent on all levels.
In the entropy of the system all relationships show a tendency towards decline.


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