Personal Data:  Elfriede Buksnowitz

School career

After elementary school, Gymnasium in Linz; Matura in 1972
1972: university of Vienna, psychology and education science

1973: Pädagogische Akademie Wien

Job career

1976 - 1979: teacher (Waldschule Wiener Neustadt, School for mentally and physically handicapped children)
1980 – 1998: teacher (Landessonderschule III St. Isidor bei Linz; school for mentally and physically handicapped children)

Free-lance consultant, method: " Lifeshifting "

Development of lifeshifting technique

1998 – 2005: Out on education leave; focus point: life energy
Main question: The humans´ lack in energy despite infinite energetic potential
The issue of life energy took me right to Hawaii. Particularly on the island of Kauai.
I encountered the traditional Hawaiian healers, the Kahunas. Fascinated by the way they handle life energy I got trained as a Kahuna.
Back to Europe I got more and more interested in the fundamental physics of energetic processes. My research on this subject took me to quantum physics, various field theories, hyper-space theories and the string theory.
The development of my new method „lifeshifting“ was successful – a synthesis of Hawaiian knowledge about life energy and up-to-date physical knowledge of the western world.

Free-lance work

Since 2005: own practice in Vienna.
Practical consulting in workshops, lectures, energy coaching for groups, organisations, individual sessions.
Cooperation with Dr. Michael Buksnowitz, complementary  medicine Dr. Michael Buksnowitz.

Lifeshifting imparts mental knowledge and the intuitive sensing and experiencing of life energy.

Goal of the concept

What we aim at is a human who knows his life energy and controls it consciously, a human who, independent from circumstances, reaches a sustainable state of syntropy.

Syntropy means organisation through a continuous flow of information and energy.

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